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Product and Inventory Management

You can always manage your inventory and made accurate decisions, minimize waste


Product Management

Qsolve’s control every item in your Inventory including prices, names, ingredients and image. Track inventory quantities in real-time.


You will know what to restock and when, striking the perfect balance for on-hand inventory. Our inventory management system will minimize your waste and maximize your profits, ensuring you have what you need (supply = demand), but never more than you need and to delight your customers.

Inventory Checking

Warehouse Management System

With WMS you can accurately determine the inventory movement and transfer inventory within warehouse to outlet or outlet to outlet.

With QSOLVE, you can do a product request from the warehouse by just a click in WMS. You can also records the Work Order for product under work in progress. 

All you need is just a device to kick start your WMS - All in Apps!


Resources Planning

With great resources planning can reduce manual inventory checkups, reduce labor costs and also reduce food waste.

Resources planning will give restaurant owner low-stock notification on when to replenish the inventory too.

Other than that, you can have a accurate wastage control to made the accurate decision in your business.

Your multi-chain store able to place its ingredient order thru QSOLVE Resources Planning in real-time.


Effective Time Management

Are you suffering with Time Challenge? This is not an issue for Single Store. But it could be a big challenge for Multi-Chain Store. Key in the purchase order, invoices and request from each outlet is time consuming. To avoid spending so much time on administrative works, you can now have a better time management with QSOLVE Product Management. It will auto synchronize the purchase within HQ and outlets.

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