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Multi-Chain Store Management

Hassle Free to Manage Multi-Chain Store

Multi-Chain Store (Franchise) Management

Effective Reporting

Reporting is important especially when you have several stores to think about and have to come up with both individual and consolidated reports for the entire business. However, for an especially easy multi-store management experience, you should have a system in place that not only gathers reports from various individual stores, but also consolidates these reports into a central place for easier access, analysis, and better decision-making.


Effective Management of
Inventory Flow

Run several stores can significantly increase your inventory management responsibilities. You not only have to ensure there is enough inventory/material within the store, you also need to ensure has adequate inventory levels as well. Also you need a system to communicate between store to ensure the inventory transfers are arrange efficiently. QSOLVE - A right system in place for your multi-chain store operation, you can manage your inventory efficiently and effectively.

Better Menu Building and Price List

Multi-Chain Store requires handling the managerial demands of several outlets especially on Menu Building. You can now upload/change the standard menu to all the store or specific store simultaneously. Say goodbye to the traditional upload menu one by one.


Tracking Performance

Tracking sales and performance can be simple when operating single store. But with multiple stores to think of, it is not an easy task especially stores may be located in various location.

What you need now is just a device to track your sales in real time for different locations. You can even view consolidated results too.

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