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F&B Point of Sale Solution

Qsolve System is the Point of Sale (POS) and business management platform built to help you achieve your goals.
At Qsolve, we pair an intuitive point of sale with powerful management tools to help restaurants deliver a better customer experience, diversify revenue streams, plan and scale the business with ease.

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Always on Mode

Confidently keep your businesss running, even if your connection goes down/lost. Qsolve’s advanced, hybrid mode enables your POS to run uninterrupted office or on local network.

Contactless Ordering /
Mobile Ordering

Sell on the go , speed up the order process and engage your customers with Qsolve’s contactless ordering features and mobile order takers. And it is directly link to your POS.

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Conversational Ordering

Conversational ordering designed ease cashier and customer can quickly put in orders as they are spoken to them with fewer errors.


Cash Inventory

No worries on cash lost.

Cash Inventory System ensuring your collection is tally with your cash in hand.

Maintain total control of your cash flow with till management. Capitalize on rich permission settings and a log that tracks activity so that you can rest assured your cash is right where it should be.


Menu Building

Tailor your menu to reflect your business. You can directly import your entire menu via spreadsheet, or make updates remotely via device at anytime, everywhere.

You can also manage menu for multi-chain store efficiently by time schedule.

Cloud Solution

With a cloud solution, your data is stored online. You can manage it whenever you are. No matter how far away you are from your store, you can access and manage your data in real-time,  anytime and everywhere.



QSOLVE is available for Mall Integration and multiple delivery platform to ensure order does not slip through your finger. 

QSOLVE also has been a great partner for Accounting and Payroll system and Multiple Payment Methods to improve the work efficiencies.

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