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Customer Relationship Management

The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer
- Peter Drucker-

Take a one step closure to get know your customer is crucial in business. You can create value and deliver the best experience to your customer who enjoy your meal in your restaurant

Understand Your Customer Need

Key Performance Indicator

Giving the Customers what they want is essential to your business. With QSOLVE CRM KPI ("Key Performance Indicator") allows you to identity your customer preference  and provide the best offered to each customer.

Personalised Your Loyalty Program

Get closer to your customers, they will feel appreciated. Create your own promotional campaigns and rewarding programs to catered the right people in the right time at the right place. It is suitable for single-store and multi-chain store.

Boost your revenue

Track, identify, monitor your customer will bring in more sales. Upsell the products that is relevant to your customer. You will able to identify the right product to right customer to enhance their buying experience. Not only that, you can also boost your new launch products directly to the right group of customer.

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